Wearing the perfect knee high boots for winter


Wearing the perfect knee high boots for winter

I’ve been wearing ankle boots quite a lot recently, but as winter and the cooler weather kicks in, its time to get out my knee high boots.

Knee high boots are an accessory I just never want to take off. Over the years I have had several pairs as I try to find ones that I really like. So coming across these boots from British brand, Duo Boots, was a real bonus.

Duo Boots, incorporating Ted & Muffy, are a British boots and shoes designer based in Somerset, that are now growing their following in Australia. In addition to their fabulous range, what I really love about them is that their boots come in 21 calf sizes with shoes and ankle boots in 3 foot widths.

Mine are flat, knee-high classic leather riding boots. They are navy and are a smooth grain leather. They are wintery yet really stylish and comfy. I have been wearing them over jeans but on special occasions with both short and longer dresses.

I am wearing them here with skinny jeans, a tailored shirt and warm winter cape. You will see them with many other outfits on my Instagram feed in the coming months.

These boots are such a classic. Perfect for a day out shopping or out to dinner in the evening.

Here is a direct link to the boots. They are Huntsman boots from their Heritage Collection on the Duo Boots website.

Please let me know what you think. Have a great week.

Love Abbey xxx

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  • Jack
    June 5, 2017

    Ted & Muffy make great boots. I have a few friends back in England who wear them but it seems impossible to get them over here in Canada. I’m still trying to find a pair for my girlfriend, who’s sick of only being able to find generic shoe brands that she complains are super uncomfortable..

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