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Who doesn’t love a white dress when on a summer holiday?

I have already been back from my last holiday in Singapore for a couple of weeks but wanted to do a quick post to talk about how much I love a white dress on holiday.

This dress is from To Save. It is cotton, thin, a lttle bit see-through and has pockets on each side. It was perfect for going out for dinner and drinks in the warm tropical climate.

I accessorised it with a beautiful necklace, keeping it simple and have put a direct link to it at the below.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.

Abbey x x x

Wearing: ToSave white dress // Jimmy Choo wedges // Tiffany & Co bracelet // Instyle Glamour necklcace




2 Responses
  • Sarah
    July 23, 2017

    You look stunning in that white dress Abbey. Fabulous location too!

  • Emmalisa Tilli
    July 25, 2017

    You look absolutely gorgeous, and you are killing it with FASHION POSTS!!!!! I love white specifically, but love the fact that it is like a maxi dress. I would love a dress like that specifically for Scarborough, it was warm today with NO SUN out, so need to be thoughtful when I leave the house of what I really need to wear! haha! Most days it is the library (Scarborough library is amazing so much variety), and I love going to the op shops on Scarborough Beach Road! I most probably will be volunteering at Save the Children – its a worldwide store, so would love to volunteer at a shop that does so much! I think I really need to do it, for something on the side, although I keep looking into different courses, and keep looking at doing free courses online. I want to be a PRODUCTIVE person, and its hard when I have been getting up too late! Anyways! We shall catch up soon! xxx Although, I have already given my life story for the time being! haha! I just love connecting and engaging with people. That’s one reason why I miss Melbourne, but goodbye Melbourne and Hello! London! can’t wait for 2018! <3

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