My favourite spring (and autumn) boots


Chunky heel boots for every season

For as long as I can remember I have loved shoes. I think I inherited it from my Mum! When I got my first Saturday job whilst I was at school it was purely to save up and buy shoes. At University I worked two Saturday jobs, one in the British Airways lounge at Gatwick Airport, and one in a local shoe shop in the next village. I worked, just to buy my favourite shoes.

Shoes were and are the favourite things in my wardrobe. They can really make an outfit and make you feel confident at the same time.

Apart from one pair of DMs (Dr Martens) at Uni, I have always been into pretty shoes, heels, sandals, smart knee high boots, ankle boots etc. Back in the 90’s I even held off buying a pair of combat trousers when they first came out as I didn’t want people to think I was grungy!

I was never tempted to get a pair of chunky shoes or chunky heeled boots until a couple of years ago. I started to see them more and more. But there was one pair which really caught my eye – whether it was celebrities or other fashion bloggers, I kept seeing people wearing the Balenciaga Ceinture ankle boots. So different to what I would normally wear but the more I kept seeing them the more I really wanted a pair. But the trouble was, they were quite expensive.

I had seen other styles in Louis Vuitton, All Saints etc, but it was the Balenciaga’s I really liked.

I popped them on my Christmas list last year to see what my husband would say!  Then on Christmas morning,  I opened this big box and there they were. Father Christmas had found me a pair, in my size and left them under the tree.

They are prefect for every season. To wear with shorts, dresses and skinny jeans. They are so versatile and not just for wearing with jeans. They are very different to what I would normally wear but I really do love them.

As I was shopping in the City last week, the ladies shoe departments were full of chunky ankle boots. I think I counted over ten different styles. So, whether high-end or high-street, there is a good choice of these chunky heeled boots to choose from. If you are heading into autumn in North America and Europe, or spring in Australia, I would love to know what your favourites are?

Abbey xxx

Wearing: All Saints dress / Miss Sixty coat / Balenciaga boots / Chanel wallet-on-a-chain / Burberry sunglasses / Jimani braclet
Location: Hyatt Hotel Canberra – a Park Hyatt Hotel, Yarralumla, Australian Capital Territory

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