Carry-on travel essentials

Trying to get the perfectly packed carry-on

Back in September I posted a photo to Instagram saying that I would update my Travel Essentials post from 2016

The response, comments and suggestions were great. Ideas from friends – like the lovely travel blogger, Sabrina Chakici, and Haselmere travel agent owner, Gemma Antrobus, were spot on. I am sorry for the delay but here it finally is.

I really love to travel and to fly. Being British and living in Australia I get to travel a lot, domestically and internationally. I was lucky to have been cabin crew for British Airways, after Uni, allowing me to see and spend time in so many beautiful and historic cities.

As a mother of two it is a very different travel experience! Although there are occasions when my husband and I get away – the Conrad Rangali Maldives, being our favourite romantic destination.

Here are my travel essentials and travel outfit

On the plane, I like to feel comfortable and relaxed. Some handy items include an eye gel and mask, a good set of headphones and a lip balm for my dry lips! Also, a good book is essential, along with a pashmina or a warm shawl.

I like to wear comfy clothes that, whilst looking simple, still look ‘put-together’. Skinny jeans or comfy jogging bottoms, a jumper, or a shirt plus trainers – usually my Nike’s. At least these will easily pass through security, without having to take them off!

When it comes to packing my carry-on, essentials for me, as I said earlier, are a lip balm and eye gel, plus a moisturiser. My lips and eyes get dry with the air con on those long flights, so these keep me comfortable and looking half decent when I arrive . My favourite skin care essentials are from Sisley Paris. Their Botanical Eye and Lip Contour Balm and Global Perfect Pore Minimiser are brilliant. My make up bag has the critical lipstick (Boots No7 Plum Beautiful!) and Maybelline Mascara for use before landing.

My next flight is to London for Christmas and New Year. I am already packing my cases and carry-on!

Have a great trip wherever you’re going. Please let me know the carry-on items you can’t live without.

Love Abbey xxx

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  • Chloe
    December 6, 2017

    Love your bag. Safe travels gorgeous x

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