How to wear White Boots

Styling one of the trends of the season

Continued from the European autumn, one of the trends this season are white boots!  At first I was a bit sceptical and I’ll be honest, wearing them out in public did feel a little bit strange, but now I have had the chance to style them, I have to say, that I rather quite like the look.  I think it’s a unique look as they really stand out, so they might make it to Fashion Week in Sydney next month!

I have been admiring white boots on other bloggers, but since I’m not really adventurous, I was a bit worried.  But when you browse websites and notice that white boots can actually work with so many everyday outfits, I was convinced they were for me!

I tried replacing my regular ankle boots or white trainers with white boots. I was surprised at how stylish they looked.  In these photos I am wearing a simple white preppy top with a striped cuff from Shein and an A-line black skirt from Hollister.  This Shein top is easy to wear, going with so many outfits, from trousers to shorts.  A staple in any wardrobe.

Denim would be another good choice.  Skinny jeans tucked in would look really good and would be perfect for the cooler months.

Have a wonderful week.

Love Abbey x x x

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