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I am so pleased to share this new piece with you from Jimani Collections and their story behind it.

Jimani Collections help to create a sustainable solution to poverty. They work with some of the poorest in the world – women who have experienced a harsh reality that few of us can imagine. They offer these women employment and education within product design and product creation. By building a bridge between consumers and artisans in the developing world, Jimani are able to promote equitable trade while alleviating widespread poverty.

They provide training and resources to the women they employ in order to help each woman achieve financial success for themselves, their families, and their community.

The workshop is located in Kenya, and Jimani source many of their products locally and work closely with community artisans in order to merge traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

My bracelet is the Asha Zahara Beaded Seed Bracelet. It is a multi-strand beaded bracelet containing gold and dark gray glass seed beads woven into an intricate twist. Each end contains a brass cone and adjustable chain. All materials are sourced from the markets in Nairobi and are handcrafted by our women in Kenya.

The reason I chose this one is because of a personal connection – my grandparents lived in Nairobi for over 10 years.

You can find out more about Jimani and shop their piece by clicking here.

Love Abbey xx


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  • Emmalisa Tilli
    January 31, 2016

    What a passionate AND compassionate post!!!! I LOVE your ring!!!! hehehe

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