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I have grown up with parents who love classic time pieces. Consequently, I too favour a good watch, not only for practical reasons, but I see a watch as one of my most important accessories.

I also want my watch to stand out and be different. So when I was given the opportunity to review this fabulous JORD watch I was incredibly excited. I had been admiring the JORD wooden watches for quite some time and I really am enjoying wearing this one.

This womens watch is very well made and unique. Since I have been wearing it, people constantly compliment the watch and are always interested when I tell them it’s made of wood, which is pretty cool. One of my favourite things about the watch is that fact that it’s totally unique, but extremely light in weight even though it’s made from wood. It’s a lot lighter than the average link watch, making it so very easy to wear.

This particular watch is from the JORD Fieldcrest series of women’s watches. It’s made from zebrawood and maple. Zebrawood is native to West Africa and has an exceptional finish.

This is now my favourite accessory heading into the Australian spring and summer. Smart, casual, its great for any occasion. I hope you like it too. I know it is also a unique gift.

You can see this watch here, and the whole JORD wooden watches collection on their website here.

Abbey xxx

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