Chanel Ballet Flats


Getting ready for spring in these Chanel classics

I have recently bought my first pair of Chanel ballet flats. I’ve been eyeing them up for a couple of years. The ones I have been after are the classic beige with black toe caps.

I was lucky to have the classic Chanel slingback shoes for my Birthday last year which I absolutely love (link to their review here), and these ballet flats are my most recent investment from Chanel. Here is my review:

Chanel ballet flats have been popular since 1957, when Audrey Hepburn first wore them in Funny Face. In fact Coco Chanel loved low heels and flats. However, it can be argued that models and celebrities like Poppy Delevigne and Alexa Chung brought them back to the forefront about ten years ago. Either way, Chanel ballet flats are going to continue to be a classic and a wardrobe staple.

Like all Chanel products, the styles and materials change every season and if you want them and find them in your size, you need to buy them straight away.

Mine are lambskin but they also come in quilted and patents and a whole range of colours – one colour and two-tone.

Chanel ballet flats suit any style you want. Dressing them up with a dress, relaxed with jeans or with some denim shorts for a summer preppy look. They have been stylish since 1957, easy to wear and I really do love them.

In terms of sizing I am a 34. I always considered myself a 36 until I started buying designer shoes.  I would say they are true to size but you must try them on first.

So in conclusion I can say I am so happy with my investment and wish I’d been able to afford them years ago. They are pricey and there are many similar options on the high street which are just as fabulous and more affordable.  But this Chanel pair are a real classic and easy to wear with any outfit.

With the arrival of spring here in Sydney you will certainly be seeing them appear quite a lot on my Instagram feed over the coming months.

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your comments below.

Love Abbey x x x

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