Christmas centrepiece with Scotts Osmocote


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to be invited by Scotts Osmocote to their Christmas event and lunch at Chiswick in Woollhara, Sydney.

With Christmas only a few weeks away we had the opportunity to make our own Christmas centrepiece for our homes. I love Christmas and this was such a wonderful opportunity.

The centrepieces were made with real plants mixed with some beautiful Christmas decorations and baubles. 

It’s one thing to create a beautiful centrepiece but the next step is to keep it alive for Christmas and well beyond. I did not inherit my Mum’s green thumb! (And I don’t always remember to water them on time).

That is where Scotts Osmacote Poor and Feed is such a fab product. It’s easy to use in small doses and will help keep plants happy and healthy during these warmer months. It will even help rescue your plants if you’ve forgotten to give them a water for a couple of days!.

I’ve been using it ever since the event and its so good. For more information on indoor plant care visit

I hope you also like the centrepiece I made.

Thanks for reading and have a very Merry Christmas.

Love Abbey xxx

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  • Emmalisa
    January 29, 2020

    Brilliant Abbey!!!! I love learning more about brands that we can support. Never heard of this!!! I get inspired by your posts!!! <3 Especially fashion… but I can't keep up with myself hahahahaha

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