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I write this post in the middle of winter here in Sydney and half way through a two-week COVID-19 lockdown in New South Wales. I am sure its going to be extended for longer.

Despite the lockdown I am still working in the office as an essential worker. That means I am still putting together outfits each day and not staying home in leisure wear. In this article I wanted to share with you my must have coats for winter. Like some of my previous posts none of the pieces I am featuring are new. Regular readers will remember from my previous articles that I think it is important to invest in pieces that won’t date quickly and will last for many years.

Here are my picks for the must have coats:

Trench Coat

Classic, trans-seasonal, refined and practical. I wear it smart and casual.

Denim Jacket

There is not a lot you can say about this except that this is a jacket you will wear season after season – and not just for winter.

Tailored Wool Coat

A tailored wool coat in winter screams elegance and class while at the same time keeping you warm. It works with a suit for work, or shorts, tights and knee high boots for that extra chicness. This is a real staple for Victoria Beckham who often wears it with tailored trousers.

Parka Jacket

For me this is a must have outerwear staple. Cosy, warm, casual and so easy to wear.

Bomber Jacket

This was first created for First World War pilots. The bomber jacket has transcended its military past to become a symbol of cool utilitarian style. Transcending seasons, the bomber jacket can be paired with just about any casual outfit.

Leather Jacket

This is another investment piece so its important to get it right. A leather jacket will see you through winters for years to come. Can be worn with pretty little dresses through to jeans and chunky winter knits.

I know there are many more coats and everyone has there own style, but for me, these are the key winter outerwear pieces for your wardrobe, and will cover you for whatever occasion.

Thanks for reading and visiting my website.

Love Abbey xxx

2 Responses
  • Jane
    July 18, 2021

    This is such a useful article you’ve put together. Thank you

  • Emmalisa
    September 9, 2021

    Lovely 🥰 – I need to do something on fashion!!! I got a iPhone tripod to do IGTV’s and such but having a hard time putting it together! haha! I don’t know how to do it…..

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