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Autumn & winter outfit ideas


My favourite outfits for the season I love summer, the warm days and nights, all of my summer pieces, and of course my bikinis, but, I’ve been busy planning my winter wardrobe and looking at what’s on trend this year. Right now in Sydney its that transitional period between the warm weather and winter arriving.  For me, just ...

Pattern prints this autumn


  The temperature hit 40 degrees this weekend in Sydney and it’s autumn! With autumn in mind, I recently chose this bohemian style dress from Shein. I don’t actually have anything like this in my wardrobe, but I love the clash of prints (floral and polka dot) and the colours. I was attracted ...

Royal Randwick


  A day at the Sydney Carnival On Saturday I enjoyed a fabulous day at Royal Randwick.  This was the final day of the autumn racing carnival and the Sydney crowd certainly turned out for the event.  As well as the horse racing and fabulous fashions it was fantastic ...

Scarf Love


At this time of year I always seem to be preparing for two different seasons at the same time - summer in Sydney, and winter, for a trip home to the UK. For those in the northern hemisphere and for those in the south looking towards next winter I have found the most ...

Monochrome for Autumn


So Autumn has arrived in Sydney, with a light scattering of golden leaves on the floor, the occasional rainy day and a bit of cloud around. But generally, it still feels as warm as a hot summer's day back home, in the UK. The children went back to school last ...

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