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Bec & Bridge


Keeping the summer going in Bec & Bridge It's been another gorgeous autumn weekend in Sydney that has actually felt like summer. I headed out to a friends party and thanks to the warm weather was able to wear an outfit from one of my favourite Australian designers, Bec & Bridge. This is the Marigold top and shorts ...

Favourite LBD


We all have a favourite outfit or piece for each season that we wear a lot. With Spring well and truly upon us here in Australia, I wanted to share this outfit with you. Not only is it perfect for these spring days here in Sydney, but also for back home ...

Winter Sun in Zara


Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but here it is on the new and updated Meeru Style website. I hope you like the new look and layout. It's been a while since my last post. In fact, I first wrote this post just after the Queen's ...

Monochrome for Autumn


So Autumn has arrived in Sydney, with a light scattering of golden leaves on the floor, the occasional rainy day and a bit of cloud around. But generally, it still feels as warm as a hot summer's day back home, in the UK. The children went back to school last ...

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