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Coffee Table Books: my favourites 


As those of in Sydney enter our tenth week of this latest state-wide lockdown I am spending much more time at home. I also think that when we open up again that our lifestyles will have changed and won’t go back to how our lives were before. Our priorities have changed. Certainly for me, after ...

Chanel Ballet Flats


Getting ready for spring in these Chanel classics I have recently bought my first pair of Chanel ballet flats. I’ve been eyeing them up for a couple of years. The ones I have been after are the classic beige with black toe caps. I was lucky to have the classic Chanel slingback shoes for my Birthday last ...

Chanel slingbacks


My current Chanel shoe obsession I finally have a pair of the classic Chanel slingbacks! They have been on my wish list for so long but unfortunately they were quite expensive. So you can imagine how excited I was to open my husband’s birthday present to me in December and there they were - in beige with ...



Just a quick outfit post this week, to share what I have been wearing a lot recently. I have had this short-sleeved sweatshirt for a few months and its is still available in this grey (and several other colours). It's perfect for this time of year. It is so handy for an easy, casual and chic outfit ...

Night out


Night out in a little black playsuit and ankle boots From the moment I first tried it on, I fell in love with this playsuit from Tobi. I was a little worried about the opening down the front, but with some self tan and a big dose of confidence, I am really enjoying wearing this. Being ...

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