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Mall of the Emirates


Last month I was lucky to have four nights in Dubai. This was my second time and I enjoyed myself even more than the first. The temperature was very comfortable at 27 degrees. Warm enough to laze by the pool, swim and walk along the beach in your bikini, but it ...

Romantic Lunch


    With the recent temperatures and sunny days you would never know it was the start of winter here in Australia. Last weekend, as a birthday present for my husband, I organised a romantic lunch for two on the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales. The weather was fantastic, as was the food, and I am going ...

Autumn Sun


    After a busy week, I really look forward to my weekends - time to relax, enjoy lunch out and drinks with friends ā€“ and plenty of playtime with the family. So with the sun out, this was another great weekend. It was also a perfect time to try out some new additions following my latest shopping ...

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